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" Center for Virtual Archaeology "

CEVIA is a not-for-profit multidisciplinary network aiming to bring together field researchers, experts and practitioners from the worlds of Archaeology and ICT to address practical problems in the archaeological excavation and documentation through an innovative use of information and collaboration technologies.

Most of CEVIA members started working together by March 2005, when they collaborated for the preparation of a research proposal entitled “Virtual Excavator”. The proposal was addressing the field of what they called “virtual excavation” in terms of applied research, new practices and models for archaeological excavation all over Europe through the development of an advanced Virtual Reality – Augmented Reality (VAR) technological platform.

This joint effort has shown the urgent need to develop a broadly agreed definition of Virtual (i.e. ICT-enhanced) Archaeology, around which the expert members of CEVIA can unite to enhance the perspectives of their respective fields of activity. Besides archaeologists and ICT developers, the network aims to bring together public administrators, historians, anthropologists, museum curators, and other scientists who may have previously dealt with some specialised segments of this crucial research area.

To our knowledge, CEVIA is the world’s first research network devoted entirely to the understanding of Virtual Archaeology, forging an interdisciplinary approach to a field in which until now there has been little concerted study. This will help end the long standing separation between computer science and archaelogy as an academic discipline, not only as a way to display scientific and cultural heritage to a wider public.


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