issue4, December 2006
Editorial: Golden Memories of “Politics on the Internet - New Forms and Media for Political Action”

A seminar organized by the ONDIS research project of the Finnish Academy Of Science (“On-line discussions as Political Activity”) and the University of Tampere.

The Finnish city of Tampere, one of the pioneers in utilizing the practices of eGovernance in developing and supporting an active citizenship and civil engagement, witnessed in the end November 2006 a most exciting and path breaking experience regarding the political use of Internet in many respects. The “Politics on the Internet” seminar gave an intellectual haven for many academics to discuss and contemplate the use and facilitating nature of the Internet in respect of political life and democracy.

The seminar was simply a success. Both academic and informal parts were in balance and rich in contents. Academically the five plenums and four workshop sessions were all stimulating and dealt with different aspects considering the politics on the Internet.The necessary informal evening events (sauna, ice swimming and seminar dinner in Viking restaurant) offered possibilities to go further in discussing the details of different forms and implementations of the political uses of Internet and other computer mediated technology. >>

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Editorial: Golden Memories of "Politics on...
Some ICT trends in Tanzania
Read the papers presented in Tampere
The OneStopGov Questionnaire
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Some ICT trends in Tanzania

Tanzania resembles most developing countries that suffer from economic problems and extensive rural poverty. However contrary to many African countries, Tanzania survives in peace and tranquility since attaining political independence from Britain four decades ago >>

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Read the papers presented in Tampere Worth to read...

Pirates in politics - new internet parties in Scandinavia
Kari A. Hintikka

The internet as counter-revolution: a note for empirical research
Matteo Stocchetti

The Place of Politics in Manuel Castells’s Network Society
Jari Peltola


All the papers that have been presented during the Tampere Seminar for e-democracy are for us worth-to-read.

Also, a worth to read is the article by Francesco Virili and Maddalena Sorrentino on an exploratory study they made for Value generation in E-Government.

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Governments worldwide realize the importance of strengthening the active participation of citizens in the political process. The need for the social intelligence that citizens have to offer is essential if governments are to govern effectively and credibly. Also citizens in many countries are now demanding a more active role than just voting. It therefore comes as no surprise that the interest on public participation is increasing over the last years for practitioners and researchers alike. >>

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