issue5, May 2007

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Adamantios Koumpis
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Implementing Low-Cost e-Gov Solutions in Europe, in Africa, All over the Globe: Report on Experiences
Worth to read and visit…
Angeliki makes the difference!
Implementing Low-Cost e-Gov Solutions in Europe, in Africa, All over the Globe: Report on Experiences
Excerpts from a presentation by Marios Chatzidimitriou to appear as part of the e-Learning Africa Conference 2007
“We need a simple cheap solution that works anywhere, eliminating the need for Public Authorities to perform costly adoption feasibility studies, or building costly infrastructure to deploy it on.”
Public sector in Europe had the luck to receive huge amounts of funding from different sources (direct funds from European Commission Programmes, Structural Funds, National Community Support Framework Programmes, etc.). However this plethora of resources did not result into successful project implementations. The treatment to this was also not the best: people simply increased the budgets in their projects while similar or even bigger scale suboptimalities emerged. >>
Worth to read and visit…
Migration and integration – some EU pointers, by Ian Graham

A portal dedicated to Community Building Resources

Citizens empowerment

Lexipation: An advanced ICT Tool for enhancing Citizen’s Participation in the Legislative Process

Transform! Europe

e-democracy and e-state: Back to the basics…

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Angeliki is a Healthcare Teacher at the 2nd Technical Highschool of Katerini, Greece. She received a B.Sc. in Healthcare from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, and she is currently studying Computer Science at the Greek Open University. She has been involved in a number of National and European projects relating to migration, racicm and xenophovia, including the “Crossing Borders – Migration in Europe” Comenius I school project.

The game aims to stimulate interest in, and raise awareness about human rights, racism, migration and xenophobia, through motivating students to work with, and actively explore our stereotypes about different categories of “minority” groups, such as immigrants, refugees, disabled people, etc.

Each board space of the Game engages students into different activities (role-playing, brainstorming, pantomime, etc), aiming to demonstrate common discriminations in our everyday life.

Who is Angeliki?

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