Altec Research Programmes Division
Since its foundation in 1996, the Research Programmes Division of ALTEC has succeeded in opening up a set of novel research fields many of which have been successfully taken up by its corporate commercial departments. It has participated in a number of European and National research projects using their results to improve current products and to develop new innovative software products and services to cover specific needs of the European market.

The Research Programmes Division creates innovative concepts and methodologies and uses them for new system designs and architectures, including tools and technologies that support the continued evolution of business computing and services over the network. The research work crosses many disciplines and takes place in concert with the marketplace and with customers who provide us with challenging research problems.

It fosters innovations by collaborating with academic institutions and research centres throughout Europe. Great emphasis is also given to internal (within the ALTEC group) technology uptake for support of existing product and service lines which mainly address the market of ERP systems.
The Altec Research
Programmes Division is ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified. You may access the Quality Satisfaction Questionnaire here

About ALTEC Software…

ALTEC Software Development S.A. (ALTEC Software) is one of the biggest ERP vendors in Greece, with activities on software and system integration. Altec Software develops and provides technologically advanced systems and software applications to cover the entire spectrum of business process and organisational demands in both the public and the private sector in Greece. Altec Software currently has an installed base of over 50.000 companies from all business sectors in Greece.

Since 1st of August 2009 the Software Business Unit of ALTEC S.A., part of which is the Research Programmes Division which participates in the proposal, is operating as Altec Software S.A, a separate and independent company 100% owned by ALTEC Information and Communication Systems S.A. (Altec SA).

ALTEC has a thorough experience in project management and co-ordination at the European level both at the research level and at the successful marker validation and deployment of Services in Europe. The Altec Research Programmes Division is one of the few ISO 9001:2000 certified divisions – both in the corporate and the research communities - for the subjects of planning, implementation and management of research activities.

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