ALTAIR-ALTEC Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research

ALTAIR, the ALTEC Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Research is a recently established unit of ALTEC Software S.A.

Basic driver for the ALTAIR Laboratory is to endow research studentships at MSc and PhD levels and support their work within cross- and inter-disciplinary teams which shall organise their working environment and draw their methodologies from different schools of thought and disciplines, with a special emphasis to the areas of social sciences and humanities.

ALTAIR aspires to contribute to the creation of novel research methodologies and practices as well as to define innovative workflows for collaboration and operation across multiple domains and optimise the usage of trans-European resources in the research world while also strengthen the synergies between different communities.


Currently ALTAIR is involved in activities geared towards community building, intended to stimulate cross-disciplinary approaches and a more effective user - supplier dialogue, and measures including field validation and adoption standards, aimed at a faster uptake of research results. Other tasks concern usability and technology assessment studies from a holistic perspective, economic analyses and roadmaps to chart the opening process of personal and community based ICT system service production and innovation management tools.

ALTAIR is lead by Dr Ioannis Ignatiadis.

Past experience in the area of interdisciplinary research work includes the:

CEVIA Initiative

Study on the potential of the Living Labs approach

Study on Effectiveness of IST-RTD Impacts on the EU Innovation System


The Interdisciplinary Research core areas analysed by ALTAIR include:

  • Governance and e-Government:

TELL ME project - Trans-European Living Labs for an improved E-participation
LexiPation project - An advanced ICT Tool for enhancing Citizen’s Participation in the Legislative Process

OneStopGov project - A life-event oriented framework and platform for one-stop government

SemanticGov project- Providing Integrated Public Services to Citizens at the National and Pan-European level with the use of Emerging Semantic Web Technologies

EU-PUBLI.COM project - Facilitating Co-operation amongst European Public Administration employees through a Unitary European Network Architecture and the use of Interoperable Middleware

InfoCitizen project -   Agent based negotiation for inter- and intra-enterprise coordination employing a European Information Architecture for Public Administration

  • Health Telematics services:

T-Seniority project - Expanding the benefits of Information Society to Older People through digital TV channels

SAPHIRE project - Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring based on Semantic Interoperability Platform

FORALL project: Universal Service for Managing and Monitoring Cardiac and Psychological Health of European Cardiac Patients

Artemis project -        A Semantic Web Service-based P2P Infrastructure for the Interoperability of Medical Information Systems

OLP project - Ortho-Logo-Paedia

  • Learning and Work:

PANDA project - Collaborative Process Automation Support using Service Level Agreements and Intelligent dynamic Agents in SME clusters

DESYME project – Development systems for Mobile Services

NOPIC project - Personal Information and Knowledge Organiser Network

  • Industry of tomorrow:

TORERO project - TOtal life cycle web-integRatEd contROl

EXPLANTECH project - Hands-on adoption of a multi-agent production planning technology in the manufacturing industry

ADREANALIN project - ADvanced FRactal CompaniEs use INformAtion SuppLy ChaINs

PABADIS project - Plant Automation based on Distributed System

ATLAS project - A push Technology Leveraging Action for ‘Slingshot’

  • Intangibles Management and Intellectual Capital validation

PACE Exploitation Toolkit